Amanda, before and after
I’ve lost 2 stone and I’m so pleased with my results. It’s a bit hard to begin with while you get used to changing your eating habits, but it does get easier and the support is great! I love that you’re not expected to be perfect all the time, and there’s no judgment when you have something off plan. I had a few treats on the plan, but I’ve still lost a huge amount of weight, without feeling guilty. If I can do it, anyone can. I was so skeptical, but would now recommend these to anyone! – Amanda

Our plans will help you lose weight AND keep it off - making you feel energised, confident & loving your healthy new self!

At Aneu we believe in fuelling your body, not starving it.

We believe in enjoying a balanced diet, not cutting food groups.

We believe in making delicious meals the whole family will enjoy, not slaving over 2 meals every evening.

We believe in enjoying your favourite unhealthy foods sometimes, not depriving yourself or feeling guilty about it.

And we believe that everyone who joins our programme and gives it their best shot, will get to where they want to be.