We’ve all been there – it’s the weekend and you have places to go, people to see, occasions to celebrate. It inevitably involves unhealthy food, because who has a party revolving round salad instead of cake?! And weren’t the weekends made for drinking with your besties?!

Even staying at home poses it’s temptations. Hey, it’s the weekend, and sometimes you just want to kickback and eat whatever you like. And that usually involves a giant pizza, chocolate, and a bottle of wine!

Like I said, we’ve all been there, myself included! Here are my top tips for coming back from an over-indulgent weekend, without feeling guilty!

First, let’s start with what NOT to do:

Don’t skip meals the next day.
You don’t need to compensate for that indulgent meal/night out. Your body is very adaptable and can cope with extra calories every once in a while.
There’s no need to starve the next day to ‘make up for it’.
Doing this would also get you into a habit of punishing yourself when you have a less healthy meal.
Let’s not get into that trap!

And what should you do?

  1. EAT!
    Eat when you feel hungry, and stick with wholesome foods that will give your body plenty of nutrients. Think lots of vegetables, some fruit, some lean protein like eggs, healthy carbs, and healthy fats.
  2. Hydrate!
    Often, unhealthy foods have lots of sugar/salt in them, which can really dehydrate your body, and encourage water retention. Drink plenty of water the next day to re-hydrate, and flush out the water so you don’t feel so bloated. Aim for 1.5-2 litres if you can. Plain water is best, but try adding fruit slices to it if you don’t like it plain.
  3. Move!
    You don’t have to do a 2-hour intense workout in the gym. Again, we want to stay away from ‘punishing’ ourselves. A gentle walk will be absolutely fine, just get your body moving a bit to get rid of that lethargic feeling and get it back into the swing of things. Of course, if you love 2-hour intense workouts, go for it, but do it from a feeling of pleasure rather than punishment.
  4. Plan and prep your meals.
    Eating unhealthy food can sometimes give us cravings for MORE unhealthy foods. When you get back on track, try planning and even pre-preparing some healthy meals so they’re easily accessible. Usually after an unhealthy meal, I tend to get cravings throughout the day and find myself ‘grazing’ sometimes. So I try to have a big tupperware of raw veg sticks, and a pot of hummus at the ready just in case!
  5. Add plenty of fibre.
    Lots of vegetables, some fruit, and some healthy carbs like brown rice, sweet potato, oats etc. This will help your digestion, which can suffer a little after an indulgent meal, and help reduce bloating if that’s something you struggle with too.

I hope this has helped you feel less guilty about over-indulging. Remember, it’s only food, nothing to feel guilty about, and certainly not worth giving up on your weight loss plan for.

You CAN get the body you want, and the occasional weekend off won’t make a difference to your long-term results. Don’t stress! 🙂

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