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Here at Aneu, we specialise in helping people lose weight and get in better shape with our healthy diet plans, delicious recipes and award-winning support


By following our plan, you can expect:

  • Fast, safe weight and inch loss that’s noticeable soon after starting (get ready for the compliments!)
  • More energy, better sleep, you’ll find it easier to get up in the mornings, and have a brighter mood
  • Clearer, more glowing skin, shinier hair, and stronger nails
  • To enjoy eating healthily and making delicious meals that your family ask for over and over again (and you won’t mind, because they’re so quick and easy to make!)
  • To build confidence, and feel more like yourself again
  • To feel supported and taken care of; encouraged to take care of YOU
  • To have all the tools, support and resources you need to successfully get in shape
Sabrina, before and after

The motivation behind my weight loss was my wedding day. The first pic was the first time I ever tried on “the dress”, and the second pic is me on my wedding day – three stone lighter! I owe it all to Aneu. I had previously tried every diet going and couldn’t maintain a decent loss. I started out at over 13 stone and swore that I wouldn’t weigh that on my wedding day. These health products and plans are amazing! – Sabrina

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What does the plan include?

  • Our 5 Golden Guidelines for eating to lose weight (without starving yourself or feeling deprived!)
  • A list of the best foods to eat for maximum results (eating all food groups)
  • Guidelines for portion sizes
  • Meal guidelines, i.e. which food groups to eat when (macro timing)
  • Our Boost Plan for faster weight loss, which can be used for your first 5 days, and up to 3 days per week thereafter
  • A cheat meal guide so you can enjoy indulgences without undoing your hard-earned results
  • Lifetime access to our Facebook members group, where we provide support to members, and upload motivational posts, recipes, workouts and more

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