Hi, how’s it going? How’s your week so far?


I’m enjoying some time with family this week; my mum and sister are visiting and helping me with some wedding planning appointments – we are basically spending the week tasting delicious food from amazing caterers, being treated to champagne while we talk decor, and choosing beautiful flowers for the bouquets! Not a bad week, eh?


My mum has recently really got into fitness, so I’m also loving having a gym buddy every day this week!


It makes a massive difference to my motivation and enjoyment 🙂 and I thought it would be a good topic to mention in this week’s newsletter.

A few months ago, we asked a question on our Facebook page – if you could only do one thing to lose weight, diet or exercise, which would you choose and why? Most people said they would diet, because they just hate exercise and/or find it really boring.

That was pretty eye opening for me, because in my work each day, I see people who struggle a lot with dieting/eating healthily. I genuinely thought most people would prefer going for a walk/run than giving up junk food, but that’s not the case!

So it got me thinking, why do people hate exercise so much?

I know, for me, when I first started exercising again when I was really overweight, it was frustrating and embarrassing how little I could manage! I used to be the sporty one at school for goodness sake, and now here I was struggling to walk a mile without getting breathless!! I know many people feel the same way when they start exercising. It feels like such an uphill battle!

Although my fitness is nowhere near where it used to be, I can honestly say that I love working out now, and I get a bit antsy if I have to miss too many workouts in a row (like the other week when I had a cold). I thought I would share with you today what helped me get to this stage, because it is so worth persevering with, purely for the way it makes you feel when you start exercising regularly:

  1. Find an exercise buddy – whether it’s a friend, your kids, or even a pet, many people find it more enjoyable to exercise when they’re not on their own. That being said, make sure the buddy you choose is reliable. You don’t want to rely on them for motivating you to work out if they cancel regularly!
  2. Download some upbeat music or a great audiobook – the right music/book can help you get in the zone or zone out completely, whichever you need to get through the workout. Audible have a free 30 day trial for you to give this one a go, and if you shop regularly on Amazon, they often give away Audible credits when you spend a certain amount.
  3. Use it as ‘me’ time – with our busy lives, it can be difficult to find time to get to the gym or go for a run/walk. But what if you use it as your much needed me time? Some of my best ideas have come to me while I’m working out, and I’ve often used the time to work through things in my head if I’ve had a hard day. I always come out feeling better!
  4. Treat yourself to some nice workout gear – this one is a bit superficial, but you’d be surprised how good you feel when you have nice workout clothes. I personally love Fabletics for the quality and fit, although it is a subscription service, so be careful with that. It’s easy enough to take advantage of the first order offer though and turn the subscription off straight away by logging into your account.
  5. Try a class and meet new people – it can be really daunting to go to a class, especially one you haven’t tried before. But I’ve always found people to be friendly and welcoming, and everyone’s there for their own workout really, you’ll very rarely see anyone looking at what you’re doing. It’s a great chance to meet other people who are interested in fitness though, and possibly find another workout buddy!

I hope these tips have helped you think more about fitness and possibly even encouraged you to do more! The benefits of exercising are so worth getting over that initial hurdle. Most people can build a new habit in 3 weeks, so stick to a routine for 3 weeks and it will become second nature. By that time, you’ll definitely be feeling an increase in energy, better sleep quality, and you’ll see a difference in your body and shape too.

I’d love to help if you have any questions about fitness, just drop me an email at natalie.aneu@gmail.com and I’ll get back to you 🙂

Natalie x

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