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I didn’t realise how unhappy I was with my weight until I looked back at pictures of my 21st birthday and didn’t recognise who I saw. I didn’t feel like “the fat girl” but it’s fair to say I didn’t look how I felt inside….i got to a point where I didn’t want to do anything as nothing I put on felt nice and I just felt generally rubbish about myself.

I’d seen Aneu on Facebook but didn’t think anything of it as I’d tried all other diets and nothing worked!…. eventually I decided to just try the plan and hope for the best. Day by day I saw pounds dropping off! I felt my clothes getting looser and everyone was mentioning how healthy I was looking! I started my journey at 15 stone 3lbs and I am now 11.7 and still going down to reach my goal!

I may be biased but I’d say it’s the best plan ever and I’d recommend it to all! speech marks - Copy