The New Year is the time when so many of us vow to make big changes, and for more than half of us, that change is usually do with our fitness and health.

For some people though, the goal can seem so far out of sight that it becomes a bit overwhelming. Maybe you have some big changes to make, and the thought of how you will get there makes you feel nervous.

If that’s the case for you, I’d love to share a few tips I learned myself along the way (because I had about 4 stone to lose when I first started, so I am all too familiar with that feeling of overwhelm!)

  1. Break your goal down into smaller chunks.
    For example, if your goal is to run a 10k, break that down into each km and have those as your smaller goals.
    If you’d like to lose 4 stone, break that down into smaller amounts too.
    Your weight loss will be faster when you first start, so you could split it into separate stones to begin with, but once you get closer to your goal, you may want to break it down even smaller, e.g. 10lbs or 5lbs so you can keep that momentum ticking goals off
  2. Make it your priority.
    With so many demands on our time nowadays, it’s easy to let our goals fall by the wayside, especially if they involve new habits that we haven’t worked into our routine yet!
    If you really want to reach your goal, you need to make it a priority.
    That will sometimes mean saying no to other things but, assuming your goal is something you really want, it will be worth it once you reach it!
  3. Create an action plan.
    What are the steps you need to take to get to your goal?
    If it’s to run a 10k, some of your steps might be to find a training plan, get fitted for supportive running trainers, set up a playlist to listen to while running etc.
    Write each step down so you can look at them regularly and tick them off as you go.
  4. Schedule your actions in.
    Write each action in your diary, and treat is as an important appointment.
    When are you going to look for your training plan? When are you going to do each run?
    If you plan it out and schedule it in, it becomes easy to create a routine around your new habits.
  5. Let your body do it’s thing.
    We’re renowned for wanting results NOW! And sometimes we can push our bodies too much.
    If you do the points above, and make those healthy choices, you will reach your goal.
    Your body will do it’s best to get you there, and the time it takes is not really within your control. Your job is to stick to your schedule as best you can (we all miss a workout or have an unhealthy meal now and again!) and to then relax and let your body do the rest.
    If you work in synergy with your body instead of trying to force it, you’ll get better results and enjoy the process more.

I use these steps all the time – when I was losing weight, to help me grow my business, whenever I’m starting a new project, and I’m using them to help me run a half-marathon this year. They work so well, and really help to get rid of that feeling of ‘Oh no, I have so far to go!’

Always remember ‘progress, not perfection’. Do your best, be your own competition, and don’t beat yourself up if things don’t go perfectly. They don’t for anyone, it’s all part of the process, and you learn a lot about yourself along the way, that’s part of the fun! And don’t forget to appreciate how far you have already come. It’s easy to keep looking towards the finish line and forget the progress we’ve already made. Your progress is something to be proud of, so make sure you recognise and celebrate it along the way 🙂

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