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This week has been really busy finalising our new products, groups and plans, which will launch tomorrow!!! So keep your eyes on your inbox for details 🙂 I’m so excited to move forward with these changes, and I know you will love them!

Now, on to today’s article….

Last week I was at the gym, in the middle of my workout, when my friend Jo walked past, also in the middle of hers. As she went by, the girl on the machine next to me turned to her friend and said, “I’d love to be her, she’s so skinny, her body’s perfect!”

We’ve all heard the advice not to compare ourselves to other people, but this situation really brought it home for me.

Yes, Jo is skinny. She has the figure that most women would kill for, and she looks amazing in every outfit she wears!

But there’s also something you don’t know about her body when you just look at it from the outside, unless you know her pretty well. And, surprisingly to some, she doesn’t want to be as skinny as she is.

She has various food allergies and intolerances, dairy sensitivity, allergies to nightshades, coeliac disease etc. It means her food choices are very limited, and in turn she finds it hard to stay at a healthy weight.

Obviously the girl who commented on her figure doesn’t know that, she just sees skinny and thinks healthy, wishing she was the same. But if she knew about Jo’s difficulties with food, she may think twice about wanting to be her!

There are so many well known sayings that apply here – don’t judge a book by its cover, everyone has a life you know nothing about etc.

The bottom line is, there’s no point comparing yourself to somebody else. You don’t know what’s happening behind the scenes, and none of us have perfect lives. You’d be setting yourself up for disappointment anyway, because you’ll never be the same as someone else! You are the only you, and that’s amazing!

Instead, be your own competition. Compare yourself to the you that you were last month or last year. That IS a productive comparison that can actually keep your motivation going and help you improve your results.

I leave the gym absolutely buzzing when I’ve improved in my workouts – lifted heavier weights, run faster or whatever. But if I compared myself to some of the fitter people at the gym, I’d leave feeling miserable, and forget all the hard work I had done!

The only worthwhile comparison to make is with yourself and, in doing so, you will see continual improvement, and you’ll reach your goals much faster.

Here’s to your week ahead, of comparing yourself only to YOU.
Have a good one!

Natalie x

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